StoryEngines + StoryEngine Mechanics
= Stories That Drive Impact
So you're skilled in Story. You know video. You're damn good at editing video. You need someone to give you a shot. You want to prove yourself. Extra cash is always welcome. You know Premiere. Final Cut. You're seeking ongoing Freelance income. Perfect. 
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StoryEngine Hackathon ignites the passion of the world’s most talented StoryEngine Mechanics to invent new StoryEngine formats. The result? Millions donated to local charities, brought to you by a community of purpose-driven editors and videographers. Impact Club is building a large ecosystem of talented purpose-driven editors and videographers
What is a StoryEngine?
A 700Hp Beast
that Drives the Cause Forward!
A StoryEngine is just as it sounds. A Story that acts as the Engine to drive the cause, the purpose, the mission forward. Without a compelling Story, there is no Engine to capture attention. Without attention, there is no engagement. Without engagement, no passionate army can be built to spread that story further. StoryEngines, in short, make people feel. They inspire. They resonate. They motivate. They move people into action. Or deepen a belief or conviction. Or ideally, all three. The best StoryEngines even inspire the uninspired—no easy feat.
What is a StoryEngine Mechanic?
StoryEngine Mechanics break down,
fix, and rebuild Stories!
A StoryEngine Mechanic is the person who fine tunes the story. Like a gifted mechanic, he diagnosis, prescribes, and executes - to breakdown, fix, and reassemble the story. Through the power of editing, he rebuilds the StoryEngine even stronger. If he needs to, he takes that old rusty motor. And makes it a beautiful 700Hp Beast, so powerful, it can inspire even the uninspired. Being a film editor is not the same as being a StoryEngine Mechanic. A StoryEngine Mechanic is a master of his craft. Further, he edits to achieve an objective. Not just to convey subjective art.
Why StoryEngine Mechanics Are Needed?
First: Supply and Demand
As Impact Club has expanded into more communities, and set to expand into over 50 new ones in 2018, the demand for talented videographers and editors has exploded. More Impact Club events. Means more videographers are needed. With more footage captured, more StoryEngine Mechanics are needed. Growth of anything is what propels demand. As supply eventually runs short. Our Ecosystem is perfect for talented StoryEngine Mechanics to pick up additional freelance work. Or to leverage their success into full-time pay, doing what they love to impact communities.
Second: Innovation
The structure of story has remained constant for thousands of years. But the style of which story is presented, is under constant evolution. That evolution can bring about new breakthroughs in effectiveness. We are looking for that innovation. When Impact Club launched, in order to make it efficient, we developed a standard story format. But with growth comes the desire to elevate the horsepower of each StoryEngine. Thus, it’s effectiveness. This is where StoryEngine Mechanics come in. And StoryEngine Hackathon. By developing an open source community of talented purpose-driven videographers and editors. And financially rewarding StoryEngine Hackathon Winners, to incentive their best effort. We can innovate faster on new StoryEngine formats.
StoryEngine Mechanics Participate?
1 – To make Impact
Most of us want to belong to something bigger than ourselves. One way to do that is to deploy our talent in meaningful ways. If you’re a physician, you might sign up for Doctors Without Borders. If you’re a teacher, you might sign up to teach abroad. If you’re a StoryEngine Mechanic, you might sign up to break down, fix, and rebuild StoryEngines to benefit local non-profits.
3 – For extra cash
Impact Club has constant demand for good StoryEngine Mechanics. By winning a StoryEngine Hackathon, talented editors earn priority consideration for future work. Some StoryEngine Mechanics freelance part-time. Adding an extra five or $10K to their income. While others have potential to earn considerably more.
2 – To prove themselves
Many StoryEngine Mechanics are far better than their film school peers, but since they didn’t go to film school. They’re often discredited. Labeled as hobbyists and or amateurs. When in reality, they just need a shot. Because if they got that shot, their work would crush it in competition. Or worst case scenario? They put themselves on the map as someone to watch and pay attention to.
4 – All the above
Many StoryEngine Mechanics have full-time jobs in major production houses. But in all honesty, who doesn’t want to impact in the world, performing their craft for a good cause? And who doesn’t want to continually prove themselves, taking joy in winning the occasional competition? And extra money? That’s always a nice little perk. So many video editors, StoryEngine Mechanics, participate for all the reasons above.
Whether you win or lose, StoryEngine Hackathon participants become part of our family. Impact Club, the StoryEngine Ecosystem has donated more than $750,000 to local charities. And is on-pace to donate millions annually, in the next 24 months. Opportunities for great StoryEngine Mechanics will be abundant. And, we’re smart enough to know, today’s runner-up is tomorrow’s StoryEngine Mechanic of the Year.
Win your StoryEngine Hackathon, as the best StoryEngine Mechanic
STEP 2: 
Receive your invite into Impact Club’s StoryEngine Mechanic preferred partner program
Receive a 2 event Impact Club paid contract – to break down, edit, and rebuild StoryEngines for local non-profits. 
Explore continued opportunities to edit and shoot Impact Club events, to earn freelance income. 
Become a StoryEngine Mechanic mentor. Help judge and organize future StoryEngine Hackathons. Even leverage your StoryEngine fascination into a full-time position, working on Impact Club special projects, documentaries, that fundamentally bring good to the world. By continually inspiring the uninspired. 
StoryEngineHACK Career Path
Each StoryEngine Hackathon's best StoryEngine Mechanic receives $1,000 in freelance assignments (see more above). 
Every Submission Receives:
StoryEngineHACK T-Shirt
StoryEngineHACK Sticker
StoryEngineHACK Feedback
Part of a creating a true long-term profitable relationship is growing to understand each other, and the intended outcome. A StoryEngine, unlike other forms of storytelling, serves a very definite purpose. To inspire the uninspired. As part of the competition, every submission receives feedback. Whether you're the winner, or the 17th runner up. StoryEngineHACK judges are committed to helping every member of the community grow, get better, in hopes of an ultimate victory. This alone, for some, because of where it might lead ('The StoryEngineHACK' Career Path) is an invaluable benefit and perk. 

StoryEngineHACK Schedule:
You have 72 hours to break-down, fix, and rebuild your StoryEngine. But it should take no more than 10.
It Starts June 13th
STEP 1 - Download Footage
On June 13th at 12pm PST, the footage you'll need to execute your edit, will be posted for download. This will be 30 to 50 gigabytes. It could take several hours, so day 1 - is download day. 
STEP 2 - Build StoryEngine
Days 2, 3, and 4, starting on June 14th, are the days you'll have to break-down, edit, and re-build that footage into a 700 Hp beast, capable of driving a cause forward. You'll have 72 hours. But it shouldn't take you longer than 10...  
STEP 3 - Submit StoryEngine
On day 4, which is June 17th, no later than 5pm PST, you must submit your StoryEngine to be entered for feedback and judging. The StoryEngineHACK team will provide updates, reminders and tips, throughout the 72 hours. Including deadline reminders...    
STEP 4 - Judging
Once the submission deadline has passed, and all submitted StoryEngines are collected, StoryEngineHACK judges will evaluate each submitted StoryEngine against the criteria provided... [given to ALL registrants.] The community will also vote. Judging takes one week...  
STEP 5 - Winner Announcement
The votes are in. The community has spoke. The feedback is given. The finalists have been narrowed to one winner. That winner is... Earning him or herself paid contracts, priority consideration for future freelance work, etc. in accord to the StoryEngineHACK career path detailed above. 
StoryEngineHACK Career Path
You have 3 people to Impress. Plus every one of your peers.
Ryan Fletcher
Co-founder/CEO – Impact Club
A guy who just does his part. And is grateful for all the people around him.
Sarah Schroeder
Production Manager – Impact Club
An organizational genius. Picking up, building with all the pieces that Ryan drops.
Craig "Flipy" Phillipe
StoryEngine Mechanic – Impact Club
He has a list. He checks it twice. As StoryEngine Mechanic, he knows who's naughty or nice.
StoryEngine Community
Your Vote Matters
What would a community be, if the community didn't have a voice? - show 'em what you got!
About StoryEngineHACK
Building StoryEngines That Drive Millions To Local Charities!
StoryEngine Hackathon ignites the passion of the world’s most talented StoryEngine Mechanics to invent new StoryEngine formats. The result? Millions donated to local charities, brought to you by a community of purpose-driven editors and videographers. Impact Club is building a large ecosystem of talented, purpose-driven editors and videographers. 
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